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The next generation of gaming website for your server !

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What is Azuriom

Azuriom is the next generation game CMS, it's free and open-source, and is a modern, reliable, fast and secure alternative to existing CMS so you can have the best web experience possible.

Azuriom also has an advanced extension system, so you can fully customize your website with the extensions on our market, like moderns and responsive themes or plugins likes shop, forum and more!

Supported games

Currently Azuriom is a Minecraft CMS, but other games like Garry's Mod or Rust will be added soon!


Built with the last technologies, with solid patterns.



Our tests help to prevent errors in production.

Speed up


Our unique cache and the low amount of SQL request make the CMS really fast.



With it's strong concepcion, and dependencies up to dates, the security is strong.

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Unique extensions

Our extensions, that is our themes and plugins are made in the same way as the CMS so that it is one with the extensions once they are installed. For developers who wish to carry out their extensions, tools and complete documentation are available for a unique working comfort. A Community market is also available to post your extensions. We check each extension, then we regularly follow the updates proposed on them in order to keep a clean market.

Active support

We have a active support on Discord and on GitHub

Because Azuriom is open-source, everyone can contribute to the project on GitHub !

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