Special thanks to


MrMicky - Founder & Developer of Azuriom

SkyWarZzeur - Founder & Community Manager of Azuriom


NiHost - French web hosting




Graphic Designer

Hannes - Logo Animation

Open Source Libraries

Laravel - PHP Framework

QR Code PHP - PHP Code QR Generator

Guzzle - HTTP Client for PHP

Google 2FA - 2 factor authentication

PHP Minecraft Rcon - PHP Rcon for Minecraft

PHP Minecraft Query - PHP Ping for Minecraft

Bootstrap - CSS Framework

SB Admin 2 - Admin panel template

Axios - HTTP Client for JS

Chart.js - JS chart generator

Autosize - Automatically adjust textarea height to fit text

Clipboard.js - Copying text to the clipboard

Gson - Handling json in java

OkHTTP - HTTP Client for Java

Flatpickr - JS datetime picker

FontAwesome - Library of icons

Ionicons - Library of icons

Pickr - Color picker

SortableJS - Reorderable drag-and-drop lists

TinyMCE - HTML JS editor

Netty - Java non-blocking IO

And everyone who support us and use Azuriom!