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A nice and simple forum for Azuriom.

v0.1.14 - Add users mentions

Add users mentions

v0.1.12 - Add tags and signature
  • Add tags
  • Add signature
v0.1.11 - Add private forums

Add private forums

v0.1.10 - Fix lock/pin permission
  • Fix lock/pin permission
v0.1.9 - Make Twitter/Discord optional on user profile
  • Make Twitter/Discord optional on user profile
v0.1.9 - Add user profile
  • Add user profile
v0.1.8 - Fix some translations
  • Fix some translations
v0.1.7 - Misc
  • Customizable forum icon
  • Add option to lock a forum
  • Add latest posts on home forum page
  • Hide subforums on forum home
  • Forum description is now optional
  • Small design improvements
v0.1.6 - Add subcategories
  • Add subcategories
  • Performances optimisations
v0.1.5 - Misc fix
  • Fix deleting posts and discussions
  • Allow admin to add responses to locked discussions
  • Hide edit and delete buttons on locked discussions for non-admin users
  • Fix translation in admin panel
v0.1.4 - Fix
  • Fix error 500
  • Fix discussion creation
  • Fix mesage
v0.1.3 - Forum 0.1.3
  • Add online users
  • Add forum stats
  • Add post creation time
v0.1.2 - Misc fix

Misc fix:

  • Fix categories positions
  • Fix missing translations
  • Fix error 500
v0.1.1 - Fix for release

Fix for release

v0.1.0 - Initial release

This is the initial release of this resource